Making an Entrance at the Super Bowl


Making an Entrance at the Super Bowl

In case you missed it: Murray’s Chicken was served this past Wednesday at the Super Bowl Super Bash in NYC! The Super Bash was an event to thank all of the Super Bowl Host Committee partners. The theme of the night was “I Love NY” so the hosts wanted to use foods that come from New York so Murray’s was lucky enough to be featured! If you had a chance to make it to this Super Bash then we hope you enjoyed the food.

Murray’s is Non-GMO Project Verified!


Murray's is Non-GMO Project Verified!

You guys have heard about GMOs, right? You know, Genetically Modified Organisms? Well, if you haven’t, you’re about to hear about them a lot and how, drum roll please… Murray’s is Non-GMO verified! The term GMO refers to crops grown from seeds that have been genetically engineered for desirable traits like pest resistance. Much of the processed food in the U.S. contains some amount of ingredients made from GMOs. There is a project called the Non-GMO Verified Project and its goal is to preserve and build the non-GMO food supply while educating consumers about the foods their eating. What this guarantees for you as a Murray’s fan is that you will no longer be faced with these GMOs as long as you choose from our non-GMO verified line of chicken products. These products include: whole chicken, boneless skinless breasts, wings, thighs, legs, drumsticks, split breast, liver, bones, and boneless, skinless thighs.

Right now you might be saying to yourself, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t organic just as good?” Don’t get us wrong, organic is great and we are strong proponents of all things organic and natural! But, the Non-GMO Project Verified label means that every single batch of major risk ingredients used in a verified product (like our chicken’s feed) is tested before use, and is below their action threshold of 0.9%. So you can be sure your food has no GMOs, while your food’s food has no GMOs and a healthy chicken is a healthy family, right? And don’t worry; these products come without the organic price tag! So visit any New York Tri-State Fairway or Kings Market and see what it tastes like to make the healthy, educated food choice that your family deserves. Coming January 17th, 2014!